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Is your restaurant numerized?

Neo Accounting for the new-age businesses. Transform the way you understand and make decisions for your restaurants.

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Serving 500+ happy restaurants

" From cafes to cloud kitchens, chai shops to chains, fine dine to fusion, we have been a part of multiple stories so far! "

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Problems being faced by the restaurants


Less than 10% of the restaurants can hire and maintain a suitable accountant


95% of the restaurants don't have financial visibility and perspective of their restaurant outlets


Huge data and reconciliation issues

Financial intelligence platform,
powered by end-to-end accounting automation

Serving insights and intelligence on a platter!

Accurate, relevant and transparent reporting

Serving restaurants and restaurants alone enabled us to curate the insights that are relevant to you. Our future-ready automation ensures 99.9% accuracy. Finally, a simple yet powerfully designed mobile app brings see through transparency to the data flows.

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Drill all insights until the last transaction

We provide an overview of your financial performance, allowing business owners to drill down until the last transaction. This provides a deep understanding of the financials to the business owners.

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