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Neo Accounting for the new-age businesses

To become the most preferred accountant for the F&B industry

This Is How We Started


We were founded


Tested our solution with 10+ customers


Grew to a team size of 40+


Raised late seed round to serve 500+ restaurants

Founded with a goal to revolutionize the way restaurants manage their accounts. With a journey spanning five years, we have been serving, researching, and deeply understanding the F&B industry.

Our team of highly trained Accountants and Data Analysts with a deep understanding of F&B industry, Internal Accounting and Financial Data, ensures to provide interactive accurate, aesthetic and relevant insights.

We aspire to drive a global shift towards automated accounting across multiple industries. We envision a future where businesses, starting with the restaurant sector, can utilize the power of automation to streamline their financial processes, enhance efficiency, and focus on what they do best - serving their customers

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What we do

Accurate, relevant, and transparent reporting Automation of accounting allows us to capture the details from the source (bill) which helps us to provide accurate, relevant, and transparent reports. We offer a variety of insights that help the owners of the business to understand the financials of their business better.

Drill all reports until the last transaction

We provide an overview of your financial performance, allowing business owners to drill down until the last transaction. This provides a deep understanding of the financials to the business owners.

CFO support tools

CFO support tools for sharp and quick decision-making By leveraging the latest technologies such as AI/ML, the decision-making tools are specially designed for CFOs and business owners which helps them in financial planning.

Dedicated CRM

We provide a dedicated Client Relationship Manager for each client. Our Client Relationship Managers proactively ensure all our client's doubts are clarified and needs are met.

Meet the Chief problem solvers!

Archana Jagannath

Cofounder COO

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Bharat Puppala

Cofounder CEO

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